He who moves a mountain, starts with a single stone.

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a  single step.

I’ve come to realize that when it comes to weight loss, if you set a goal that is too big it can feel unobtainable, impossible, or too daunting of a task.  However, if you set a small, more achievable goals, you can successfully start chipping away and making real strides.

Below is a graph of my weight loss so far, along with me monthly weight loss goals and results. This is how I track my progress, and still show myself, that yes, I may have a long way to go, but I am consistently getting closer!

Highest weight: 331 lbs. (5/26/2016)
Started running: 325 lbs. (7/30/2106)
Started a low-carb diet along with regular running: 320 lbs. (12/7/2016)
My Ideal Weight: 215 pounds



Weight Loss Graph

  • Actual Weight
  • Goal Weight

Total Pounds Lost So Far: 50.2 Pounds!

Monthly Goals:

December 2016:   lose 10 pounds.   Result: lost 11.2 pounds.   Finished: 308.8
January 2017:   lose 9 pounds.   Result: lost 8 pounds.   Finished: 300.8
February 2017:  lose 8 pounds.   Result: lost 5.8 pounds.   Finished: 295
March 2017:   lose 7 pounds.   Results:  lost 5.7 pounds.   Finished: 289.3
April 2017:   lose 5 pounds.   Results:  lost 8.5 pounds.  Finished:  280.8
May 2017:  lose 5 pounds.   Results: 
June 2017:
July 2017:
August 2017:
September 2017:
October 2017:
November 2017:
December 2017: