So, last weekend I completed the Tough Mudder Wisconsin, and it was an absolute blast.  I took on the challenge with a good friend of mine, Greg, and his buddy Dylan.

My Last Tough Mudder in California

My first TM was out in Temecula California in October of 2014.  That course was right at 11 miles, and Temecula effectively being a desert meant that there was very little mud.  It was 85 and sunny, and had so much sand and dust you literally had to cover your face so you could breath.  Also, that course had monster hills throughout the entire course; including one they called the “Death March” that still gives me nightmares.  Lol.  Not by design, but I ended up running this race by myself.  About a mile in, I fell in with a big group of friends that asked me to run with them.  Because it was so hilly, and it was a big group, we walked a lot and it took us just over 5 hours to complete.  Not that time matters in a TM, but that was dang slow.

This Year’s Tough Mudder Wisconsin

This most recent TM was at the Road America course in Plymouth, WI.  It was right at 12 miles, and hosted 24 killer obstacles! I was able to run a lot more during this TM so Greg, Dylan, and I crushed the course in just over 3 hours!  The weather was absolutely incredible; sunny and 63 degrees!  Being in Wisconsin this course was still quite hilly, but it had a lot more mud!  Which is kind of the point of a mud run, right?!  Also, about half of this course was through the woods via ATV trails.  Lots of mud puddles, roots, and rocks made these trails pretty treacherous.  All in all, the extra mud, trails and terrain made this an awesome event.  Also, some of the views from the hilltops were incredible.  I didn’t really expect that so it was a nice plus.

One of the drawbacks for me this time was Mudder Village.  In Temecula, Mudder Village was huge and hosted a band, food vendors, and sponsors with lots of giveaways.  The Wisconsin Mudder Village was sufficient; free Guinness beer after, a few food trucks, merchandise tent, and a large seating area to watch the poor souls venturing through “Electric Shock Therapy”.  Perhaps the So-Cal TM is just a larger event and was able to draw out more sponsors.  Either way, the Mudder Village got the job done.

Unlike my first TM, I didn’t really train much before tackling this course.  I had been on Paternal Leave from work for several weeks and had all the time in the world, but I really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.  I kept up my running routine of running about twice a week and lifted weights about twice a week too.  I was able to complete pretty much all of the obstacles except for “Funky Monkey Revolution” and “Kong”.  In both cases those take  a lot of grip strength, and at 285 pounds, my grip couldn’t last.  Also, because of my weight, I skipped “The Human Pyramid” and “Everest 2.0”.  I remember trying to complete these in the Temecula TM and it didn’t go over too well.  Lol.  So for the sake of my fellow Legionnaires, I skipped those. 

tough mudder wisconsin

Boy was I sore!

The next day after the TM, I could not believe how sore I was!  Every inch of my body hurt, and it felt like I had been hit by a truck. Ha.  However, a lot of water, ibuprofen, and about three days, and I felt just fine.  I still laugh about the looks I would get from my wife as I would groan and moan with every step; let alone trying to get out of bed or off the couch. Lol.

I had such a great time, I will 100% do the TM in Wisconsin in 2018!  However, It really will be my goal to lose a significant amount of weight by then.  I was 285 this time, I’d like to be at least 240 at that point.  Also, I plan on hitting the weights big time, so I can really crush the obstacles!

My Next Challenge

My next challenge is the Half Marathon at the PNC Milwaukee Marathon on October 15th!  I haven’t really started training for that yet, and I only have 4 weeks.  I know I will complete the race, but my aim is to complete it with an average pace of 11 minute miles (2:24:00 time).  I’m going to buckle down, but no doubt it will be tough!

Good luck to everyone on your running and in any races you have coming up!

~ Jogger’s Journey

Jay Cunningham