I’ve been on my running, weight-loss, get-fit journey for about 6 months so far. So, I thought moving forward I’ll post a little recap on how my running and weight-loss efforts went for the month.  I’ll call this one my March Running Wrap-up.  


I started running last August and and with the warm temps I was able to log some decent monthly mileage.  The first month, August, I put in 35.3 miles.  My highest month was September, with 51 miles.  But then as the fall came and went, and winter rolled around, my miles definitely took a hit.  However, in March I was finally able to ramp up my miles again, and I finished with 37.1 miles.

The first week of March, my wife and I had an amazing 8 day vacation in Ft. Myers Florida.  The average temp was in the low 80’s and without any real demands on my time, I was able to get in 3 quality runs.  That got the month off to a great start.  Also, knowing that I had a 10k on April 1st really motivated me to up my miles in training.  

Also in the middle of the month on one of my runs, I set out for 5 miles, and ended up running 8.  It was really an eye opening moment for me, that I could run longer than I thought possible.  However, I ended up getting the flu after that run, so that set me back a week or so.  But all in all, I am happy with my running efforts for the month of March.  Once again, finishing with 37.1 miles. 

My miles goal for April is a big one… 70 miles!

Weight Loss

Despite weight loss experts not recommending it, I’m not going to lie, I’ve got in the habit of weighing myself every morning.  However, since I was on the vacation in Florida between March 2nd through the 10th, I couldn’t weigh myself.  I kind of liked that period because I thought my weight would be down a few pounds so it would be a nice jump down on the scale.  I was 293 when we left and to my dismay I was 294 when we got back.  Despite running 3 times and sticking to my strict low-carb diet.  I know, sticking to that diet on vacation deserves a medal or something!  But after being home a few days, my weight settled in at 291.  So, I did end up losing a few.

Over the rest of the month, I stuck to my diet and continued my normal running regiment of running every third day.  At the end of the month I finished at 289.3.  Which was 1.3 pounds higher than my goal for the month of 288.  So for the month I lost 5.7 pounds.  All-in-all not too bad.  A losing a little slower than I’d like, but I’m moving forward.

For my month-by-month weight loss goals and results, click here.

My goal for April is to get down to 284.3… which is to lose 5 pounds by May 1st.

What’s on tap for April?

Well, this month I’ve got the biggest challenge of my running life.  It may be a bit misguided, but I signed up for a 6-hour ultra marathon on April 29th.  My goal is to complete a full marathon in that time.  However, at this point the longest I’ve ever ran is only 8 miles.  So I will really be pushing myself this month in hopes of getting my body more accustomed to running longer distances.  Although I hope to finish the 26.2 miles, if I can only get through 20-22 miles or so, I’ll still be happy with that.  I guess my ultimate goal is to finish the whole 6 hours without getting injured.

Also, before that long run, I’ve got a 5k on April 23rd in West Bend, WI.  While I’ll be running that one, my wife and her Mom will be walking it.  My wife, Melissa, is always at my runs to support me.  So, we figured despite being 25 weeks pregnant with our first child at the time of the race, it would be fun for her to get in on the action.  By best time ever on a 5k is 32:48, so I don’t know if it’s realistic or not, but I really want to push for the 30 minute mark.  I know I’ll get there, but I don’t know if I’ll be there by April 23rd.  

I’ll post a few updates throughout the month while I train for that 6-hour “ultra marathon”.

Thanks as always for the support!

~Jay Cunningham

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